Indonesia Arts Festival 2013

Celebrating Arts of Today
at Main Lobby & Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center
Visual Art | Performance Art | Film | Culinary Art | Art Market
29 – 31 March 2013

Art Today

Free Entry

Exhibition of Visual Arts from more than 30 Artists Curated by: Ade Darmawan

Fabas Art | Pure Saturday | Payung Teduh | Float | The Trees & The Wild | Sigmun | White Shoes & The Couples Company | Jirapah | Zeke Khaseli and The Wrong Planeteers | Dried Cassava | Cleo | Chef Andrian Ishak (Molecular Gastronomy Chef) | Duo Chef Ivan & Chef Ivan & Chef Nando (Good for Eats Chef)

Festival Showing at XXI Platinum FX Plaza (26-31 March 2013)

7 Days in Havana, Tango Libre, Pieta, 36 and many more

more information:


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